Transitioning from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

GoDaddy operates it’s own highly restrictive version of Microsoft’s 365 service. This is great for novice users who just want simple to use e-mail services, supported by two industry giants. It’s awful for IT managers and service providers who require higher levels of access and control.

What happens when you want to move from GoDaddy and manage your own Microsoft 365 tenant? The answer is simple, a lot of upheaval, unhelpful e-mails from GoDaddy and a lack of control from Microsoft, all with the aim of customer retention for GoDaddy.

If you ask GoDaddy to remove themselves are your Partner, they will do so, taking all your e-mail addresses, data and services with it. This requires you to create your own tenant on 365 and migrate your e-mails, data, SharePoint and more. This can be a huge, complex undertaking and is not something you are warned about in advance.

During a recent client project, GADOL was able to release our clients from GoDaddy and regain full control of the 365 service, all without any downtime or data transfer.

Are you looking to move from GoDaddy? Talk to us today.

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